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Everyday Saving Tips For Financial Success

Have you often wondered the best way to save for that holiday or car or achieve that financial goal? Here are some proven methods to help you achieve these goals! It’s a common misbelief by

Mental Health Tips While Working From Home

7 Simple Mental Health Tips While Working From Home

Australians want more opportunities to work from home, and for good reason. And well with everything that’s happening with COVID many of us have no choice.  Our mental health tips while working from home is

Working From Home

How to Work From Home Successfully

Learning how to work from home successfully can bring you much joy and peace. Ready to change the pattern of your life?  The notion of working from home seems to evoke one of two responses.

Ezytaxback Vs MyTax

As a Registered Online Tax Agent, did you know there are many key benefits which set Ezytaxback apart from the ATO’s MyTax for processing your tax return online? With Ezytaxback you get 7 months extension

Income Tax Return Checklist

2020 Income Tax Return Checklist for Individuals

We want to make your tax return experience as quick and easy as possible, whilst ensuring all your eligible tax deductions are captured to maximise your tax refund. That is why we have introduced our

Art Teacher Working with Children

Home Office Tax “Shortcut” & Free Childcare Announced

With COVID-19, working from home expenses have increased considerably and the ATO have recognised this by announcing a new simplified ‘shortcut method’ this week for individuals to claim all overall running expenses. The new way

Man sitting at a table full of unpaid bills shakes out the last penny from the piggy bank

How To Use Your Savings Wisely After Losing Your Job

If you’ve lost your job in the past few weeks, you’re not alone. The COVID-19 pandemic is having a serious impact on people across the country and the globe. It’s estimated that millions of Australians could lose

Businesswoman Sitting By Window Reading Documents

COVID-19 Government Stimulus

To update on our earlier email today, Scott from marketing has announced an update this morning that may be relevant to you and your employment/current family financial position. A second-stage $66 billion economic stimulus package

Australian Tax Returns For Non-Residents

Australian Tax Returns For Non-Residents

Note: The information in the articles below is of a general nature only. It may not be relevant to your specific individual circumstances.  You may need to engage Pty Ltd to provide you with

How Long Does It Take To Get My Tax Refund?

Get the behind the scenes know-how on what happens after you submit your online tax form through our website below! Our Process Ezytaxback has been servicing over 4,000 clients each year all around Australia and

Deliveroo And UberEATS Tax Guide

Food delivered to your door… Australians are obsessed with the concept and the latest consumer findings have reported that Australia’s total food and beverage expenditure has tipped over the $272 billion mark in the past

How To Pay Less Tax This Financial Year

Income tax in Australia is paid on the money you earn through income such as wages, Government payments, rent and dividends. You can help reduce the amount of tax you pay on your income earned

How Does Private Health Insurance Stack Up?

One of the most common questions we receive is “How does private health insurance affect my taxes?”So here’s what you should know about private health care to save you money come tax time.Firstly, we must

Tax Tips For Teachers

If you’re a teacher, it really pays off to know what you can and can’t claim within your next tax return. Find out more of our top tax tips for teachers below! Home office expenses

ATO Data Matching

What is it ATO Data Matching? The Australian Taxation office have implemented data matching technology which is shining a spotlight on Australian taxpayers, with a focus on ensuring tax returns are lodged with income entirely disclosed. With

Airbnb Tax Tips

The sharing economy continues to grow in popularity with the demand for overnight stays or weekends away using rental platforms such as Airbnb and Stayz at an all time high. Here are our airbnb tax

Ride Share Tax Return Tips

With various employment opportunities through ridesharing apps such as Uber, Ola and Taxify just to name a few, plus the flexibility of work hours, ride share work within Australia can seem like highly attractive full

Tax Free Threshold

What does ‘Tax Free Threshold’ mean? All Australian taxpayers who are residents for taxation purposes receive the first $18,200 of their income tax-free! This is what is known as the tax-free threshold. So this means

Tips On Record Keeping

Here are our top tips on record keeping. When it comes to tax time, it is vital that you have mastered your record keeping practices to make the whole process a lot simpler and stress

Can I Claim Motor Vehicle And Travel Expenses?

Do you incur motor vehicle and travel expenses such as tolls and taxi fares which directly relates to the occupational duties you are in? Does your job require you to use your own vehicle to

freelancer tax claim

Freelancer Tax Claim? What you need to know.

Here are our recommendations on for a freelancer tax claim. There are plenty of tax deductions available for freelancers so let’s make sure you’ve got the ABCs down-pat so your 2019 tax period can be a

Lodging Your Tax Return

Here are our recommendations when lodging your tax return. With the 2019 Tax period approaching, we have identified some of the most common mistakes made by Australian taxpayers. Avoiding these will reduce the chance of

Get More Tax Back

With tax time right around the corner, there are many ways for Australian taxpayers to improve their tax returns. Our team have compiled our top 3 tax savvy tips to help you make the most

Missing Tax Deductions

Note: The information in the articles below is of a general nature only. The information may not be relevant to your specific individual circumstances.  You may need to engage Pty Ltd to provide you

What If My Tax Return Is Late?

What If My Tax Return Is Late?

Do you have a late tax return? Or are you still yet to lodge your 2017 Income Tax Return? What If My Tax Return Is Late? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! 2017 Income Tax

Tax Planning For Individuals

Note: The information in the articles below is of a general nature only and may not be relevant to your specific individual circumstances.  You may need to engage to provide you with specific advice to suit

Tax Return For Tradies

Here are top tips on lodging a Tax Return for Tradies. Professional tradespersons or contractors incur many costs on the job. From purchasing tools, clothing and travel expenses, they can add up. Here are some

10 Tax Return Tips

Our 10 Tax Return Tips – With tax season in full swing, it is important to remember the little things that might have a huge effect on the result of your tax return. To help