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Imagine a world where every Australian could simply, efficiently, and affordably submit their tax returns?

Ezytaxback is the brainchild of Justin Mastores. After many years in the accounting and finance field, he realised that there had to be a better way. Personal tax returns are simple and have to be done by millions of Australians each year. What Justin saw was people getting charged way too much for a long, tedious process that could be simplified. And so ezytaxback was born.

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When I first used, I thought that it was going to take time to process everything and gave it try as a risk but I was surprised by the professionalism that occurred where the accountants were able to identify all my information from the ATO and they did everything for me. It was fast and efficient, I did not have to worry about signing any documents and scanning them.
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These guys are great!!! I’m totally baffled when it comes to money and tax but Ashley at has been amazing. I had a myriad of questions, most probably totally obvious to anyone with basic computer and money skills, but Ashley was unfailingly patient throughout. Ashley answered all my questions and went above and beyond in helping me successfully lodge my tax return.
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