We’re based in Richmond, Melbourne. Here’s why we love it.

Because we simplify tax returns by providing an easy online service, most of our customers have never been to the Ezytaxback office, or even given it much thought. But it does exist! 

Our expert tax advisors work out of an office based in Richmond, Melbourne, and we really are crazy about our location. Here are 4 reasons why we love it:

We’re amongst some fantastic company in Richmond.

We’re proud to base the offices for our online tax-return service in Richmond, because it’s truly where the action is happening.

The south of Richmond – where our office is located – is home to one of the most thriving business districts outside of Melbourne CBD. It’s an innovative hub for business, tech, financial groups and high-end retail.

For one, every laneway here seems to house a new and promising startup. There are plenty of awesome creative companies around like Rise Films, Bastion Brands and Unlisted (all clients of our big brother Rees Group!) Big businesses like Mattel, REA Group and Seek also all keep large head offices in the area. 

Operating as tax agents in Richmond, it feels like there’s always an opportunity for our staff to meet and mingle with exciting new people and businesses.

And we’re close to one company in particular…

One of the key reasons we chose our location was to be close to Rees Group, our big brother company. Our founder Justin Mastores is also the managing partner at Rees Group, and our two businesses continue to share a close relationship.

Also based in Richmond, Rees Group is a business advisory and accounting firm that specialises in SMEs and Family Groups. Like us, they offer quality tax & accounting services for sole traders and individuals. Yet their holistic approach to business advice is much more in-depth and hands-on. 

Established in 1950, Rees Group is highly experienced at guiding businesses towards growth. Their handpicked team of expert advisors offer valuable strategic advice across all areas of their client’s finances, including business structures, property advice, succession plans and acquisitions, mergers & exits.

Full disclosure: All the great food plays a pretty big role.

It’s no secret that Richmond is a bit of a culinary hotspot. Nestled amongst the period terraces and cobblestone back-alleys are some of Melbourne’s biggest names in food. Put it this way – we’ve never been short on venues for an indulgent lunch or a team dinner!

Chin Chin, Baby & Hectors Deli are amongst the suburb’s heaviest hitters. To the north, Victoria Street is the hotspot for authentic Vietnamese. And hidden away behind Bridge Road lies Minamishima, serving up what is arguably Melbourne’s best Japanese food.

When it comes to cafes, it’s hard to beat Richmond institution Top Paddock. Located just around the corner from our building, their top-shelf coffee and mouthwatering food is always a staple here at the office.

It keeps us in touch with our community

As registered tax agents offering an affordable service, we help thousands of Australians every day, talking to people from all walks of life. It’s a job that requires open-mindedness and a big dose of community spirit.

Working in an office that’s located in one of Melbourne’s most diverse and multicultural suburbs definitely helps us maintain that sense of community and connectedness with our customers. We’re not tucked away up in a skyscraper, or working across several decentralised home offices. We’re members of the community, and it makes a difference.

We may have customers all around the country, but Ezytaxback is a local business run by a tight-knit team of tax experts. We love providing an important service to the community that we live and work in.

We really do love our Richmond location. As we all gradually return to the office, I thought it was important to share a few reminders of what makes it so special.

Want to find out more about Rees Group? Glad you asked. Get in touch with one of their business advisors today for a free & confidential chat. 



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