How Long Does It Take To Get My Tax Refund?

Get the behind the scenes know-how on what happens after you submit your online tax form through our website below!

Our Process

Ezytaxback has been servicing over 4,000 clients each year all around Australia and abroad since we first started back in 2015. Being well established we can provide you with expert knowledge and advice to help ease any stress you may have when managing your tax affairs. Every Ezytaxback tax return goes through 3 stages prior to lodgement with the ATO: 

1.    Processing

Firstly, your return is processed by one of our registered tax agents so once we receive your online form our team of passionate Certified Practicing Accountants (CPAs) will look through your submission and cross check the information with our ATO prefill report to ensure all information is correct and complete. 

2.    Initial Review & correspondence

After this stage your registered tax agent will write a checklist should there be any discrepancies or if we can identify any possible deductions which you may have missed. This is when you will be contacted via email by one of our friendly customer service team members requesting further information and/or to give advice on common deductions which you may be eligible to given your circumstances and job description.

3.    Final Review

Once your return has been finalised it is then reviewed by one of our senior tax accountants for another tick of approval prior to lodgement with the ATO. This ensures all errors are corrected prior to lodgement which means we eliminate the possibility of any trouble from the ATO for incorrect claims or income omissions. Stages 1-3 takes usually 1-4 business days to process depending on the complexity of your individual tax affairs.  

Lodgement & Refund

Once your tax affairs have been finalised your tax return is lodged on the same day with the ATO. After this stage it typically takes between 7-28 days for the ATO to process your tax return and issue your refund to your chosen bank account. 


There are many reasons why your tax refund may be delayed which are out of our control such as – Omitting to declare all income earned– Higher/unusual deductions as per others in a similar field– Prior insolvency– Outstanding ATO debt or money owed to other federal government agencies such as Human resources (Centrelink)Please note: In these cases the ATO may decide to deduct all or part of your refund to pay back money that is owed. The outcome will be outlined once you are issued your Notice of Assessment and we can also track your Income Tax Account via our tax agent portal.If your tax return is delayed and you are still waiting on you refund it is best that you contact your tax agent who will be able to track down the status of your return and communicate with the ATO should there be any matters at hand.



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