Claiming Tax Back - How It Works

How It Works

Our system is the fastest, easiest way to complete your Australian Tax Returns online from 2013 onwards. At we are committed to delivering your highest possible refund so you can focus on what you’ll spend your refund on.  Our qualified accountants have decades of combined experience and will put you in the best tax position this year.  You should feel comfortable completing your tax return and attempting to claim tax back online knowing we are with you every step of the way.

The promise: We will deliver:

  •   Maximum refund and deductions: A qualified accountant will check your return before lodgement with ATO
  •   Where possible we will identify additional areas for extra deductions which can increase your refund/minimise your tax payable
  •   Genuine online service and lodgement: no need to leave your computer!
  •   Responsiveness: Ask your digital accountant questions at any time via email, digitally sign your return, make online payments and we lodge your return direct to the ATO on your behalf.
  •   Easy user friendly interface, everything works from within your web browser on your PC, Tablet or Smartphone.
  •   Assisting you through the claiming tax back process, every step of the way.


Get Started Now!


Sign up & create a user

Complete the questionnaire

Input & save your info

Review & Submit Return

Email support available 24/7 from our Customer Care Team


The team of qualified accountants will take it from there:


  • We’ll check for ATO “audit triggers” and problems that can slow down your refund
  • We’ll look for ways you can improve your tax refund – which means get more back!
  • We’ll answer your questions online.
  • We’ll lodge your return electronically (the fastest way to get a refund from the ATO)


What You Need

Below is a list of some of the information you may require to complete your online Tax Return. strongly suggests you keep a record of all details for 7 years as the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) can request an audit of your Tax Return at any time for up to 7 years from the date you lodge your Tax Return, as well as assisting the 'do your own tax online' process:

Income Information :

  • Your payment summary from your employer(s).
  • Any government payment details
  • Any other PAYG/Payment summaries
  • Details of your spouse/de facto
  • Details of any dependent children
  • Bank interest statements
  • Dividend payment details
  • Details of any HELP/HECS debt
  • Private Health Cover details
  • Details of any other income not mentioned

Deduction Information :

  • Records of any use of using your motor - vehicle for work purposes
  • Details of any work related travel - expenses (except to and from work)
  • Details of any uniform/work gear purchased - for work
  • Any self-education expenses you’ve incurred
  • Details of donations you’ve made to a charity
  • Details of your last tax return fee
  • Details of any other expenses not including the above


Other General Information :

  • Details of your spouse/de facto and no. of dependent children
  • Details of any HELP/HECS debt
  • Rental property income statements
  • Details of any or own business income
  • Details of any Superannuation income received
  • Any foreign income you may have received
  • Details of any assets sold (e.g. investment property)
  • Details of any Business and Personal Services Income
  • Details of any PAYG Instalment payments made