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Our Australian online tax return calculator is a free tool.  It provides you with an instant estimate of your tax refund! No sign-up required, fill out the information and get an estimated result in no time. We will also send you an email summary for your records.
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How to use our tax return calculator?

This tool is made to help you out, it also gives you a quick and simple snapshot of your potential return. Start by entering all the basic information such as income, tax withheld, government payments, existing HECS debts, dividends and franking credits.  Follow the steps and our online tax return calculator will estimate your potential tax refund.  It’s fast, easy and secure.

How to use our tax return calculator?

To obtain the most accurate estimate, try to use correct figures. So, the more detailed and accurate your information is, the better. Our calculator takes into account the most common elements involved in a refund calculation.

Conversely, it does not take consider your individual offsets and other circumstances which could impact your refund. Such as tax credits or your occupation.

What is next?

To get your final tax return summary, complete a full return process by signing up on –  And let our team help you out.

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Applies to Australian Individual Income Tax Returns for one financial year. Unlike our competitors, we do not charge extra for rental property, foreign income and other additional schedules. It’s one fixed price for your online tax return.